Manufactured Boards

Manufactured boards have become widely used in place of solid wood.

These boards are available in large sheets of various thicknesses. An available range of manufactured boards includes plywood, chipboard and softboard

Example of Manufactured Boards.


Plywood is made by glueing several thin layers of wood together. Each layer is called a ply. The plies are arranged so that the grain of each layer is perpendicular to the layer above or below it.

This makes the board very strong. An odd number of plies is used to help prevent the board from warping.


Chipboard is made by glueing tiny wooden chips together. Heat and pressure are used during the glueing process. Chipboard is a cheap material and is best used in dry condition.

Chipboard, however, is rather weak. It is normally covered with a thin sheet of wood or plastics laminate to improve the appearance and the strength.


Softboard is made by mixing wood fibres with water and glue. The fibres are pressed lightly together and dried in hot air. Softboard is cheap and light and has little strength.


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