Activity – Introduction to Computer-Aided Design (CAD)


  • In this activity the student must read the instruction to enhance the thinking skill of the students by providing the passage and figure out the solution
  • Write your answer at the blank flow chart which shows at the end of this passage.

Computer integrated Manufacture involves the use of computer and automation at virtually every stage of stock control, design, manufacture and distribution.

Complete the flow chart by adding a simple description to each flow chart box. Use the detailed description below. The first stage has been complete for you

Stage one: Computer aided design. A product is designed totally on computer. When if a circuit is involved it is designed by using software and tested on screen. Improvements / alteration are made to the design using same CAD software

Stage two: prototypes are manufactured in machines such as 3D printers which produce an accurate 3D model. Laser cutters may also be used to produce a realistic model. Sometimes working model is manufactured.

Stage three: The computer system controlling he plants works out the most efficient method of manufactured. It calculated costs, production method, numbers to be manufactured, storage and distribution

Stage four: The computer system orders the necessary material to manufacture the product. Keeping costs to a minimum. The ‘just in time’ philosophy is applied, this mean that materials/ components are order as needed. Very little is stored at the factory. Usually only enough material are stored to keep the factory for a small number of days. Materials are automatically recorded when required, to keep the factory working smoothly and continuously.

Stage five: Manufacturing begins with the product being made using CAM (Computer Aided Manufacutre). Computer control machine such as laser cutters, Computer control routers and lathes

Stage six: Quality control is applied at every stage. The product us tested using computer inspection. For instance, the accuracy of manufacture is tested automatically. This ensures that the product is manufactured to the correct sizes.

Stage seven: The product is assembied by robots. This automated (controlled) by the computer system.

Stage eight: The product is quality checked before being stored for distribution to the customer. All storage is automated. This means that computer controlled vehicles move the finished product from the manufacturing area to storage. The computer systems keep track of every individual product. Products are bar coded which are constantly scanned and recorded by the computer system.

Stage nine: The product is automatically moved from store to awaiting lorries / trucks for distribution to the customer.

Stage ten: Financial accounts are updated. Bills chased up and paid by the computer system.

Fill the answer inside the flow chart

Download instruction

Download flowchart


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