Activity – Metals

In this activity the student must read the passage and understand it. Choose the correct sentences to given object below.

a)      Low carbon steel with 0.15% to 0.3% carbon is sometimes called mild steel. It is strong and is the most common type of steel. It is quite strong and is the most common type of steel used today. It produces in many different forum including sheets, bars and tubes. This steel is same as rivets which need to be tightening. It is also is used widely in the construction industry.

b)      It can be treated with heat to alter its hardness. The uses of this steel is metal chain, wire ropes, some engine parts and bicycle wheels rims and it is sharp at the end of the steel.

c)      It is very hard but is brittle. Its hardness makes it an ideal material for cutting tools. It is also used for making scribers and springs.

d)     Cast iron is very hart but brittle. It is also used for making the bodies of various hand tools such as smoothing bodies of various hand tools.

e)      It is light and is a good conductor of electricity and heat. This metal is also easy to cut. It can be folded to make casing, and also for making road sign

f)       It is ductile and malleable, and can ne cut, swan, filed and machined easily. It is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity

g)      It is normally used by plating it onto other metals such as mile steel. Tin-coated mile steel sheet is called tinplate, it is most commonly used for making food canes.

h)      It is ductile and is not very strong. Of the used in the manufacture of other metals such as brass and golvanised. It is also used to some batteries and rust proof paints.

i)        It appears bright and shinny bluish-grey when cut but the surface quickly changes to a dull grey colour. It is poisonous and is resistant to corrosion and many chemical. Can be mixed with other materials to make them easier to machine. It is also used in the core of some batteries.

j)        The golden yellow alloy is easy to machine and solder. It is made by mixing copper and zinc. Pins of electrical plugs, nuts, bolts, screw, hinges and some machine parts are made of brass.

k)      It is made by mixing copper and thin. It has a reddish-yellow colour and is hard-wearing, corrosion resistant and easy machined.

l)       A greyish-white metal made by mixing aluminium with copper and magnanese. The addition of copper toughtness

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Rearrange the word groups to form a complete sentence. Remember to use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence. Write your answers in the Comment Box.

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