Activity – Metals 2

Fill in the blank with correct answer.

Metals are made from ________ which are extracted from the earth.

There are _______ main groups of metals, _________ metals and _____________ metal.

Ferrous metal _________ mainly iron with small amounts of other _________ and non ferrous metals ________ contain iron.

Most ferrous metals contain a material called ________. The higher the carbon content, the __________ the metal.

Most ferrous metals will rust and almost ________ ferrous metals can be _________ up with a magnet.

Example of ferrous metals is _______ carbon steel, _______carbon steel, ________ carbon steel and _________.

Non ferrous metals do not have ________ in them. Therefore they do not _____ and cannot be picked up by _________.

Example of non ferrous metals is Aluminium, _______, tin, _______, bronze, lead and _______.

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