Working Safely

•  make sure your apron is buttoned up or tied
•  tie up long hair
•  do not run or play within the workshop
•  use the appropriate safety gear when   necessary
•  never use a hammer that has a   loose head; the head may fly off
•  file handles must be secure; the   tang of some file blades are   sharp and its point can pierce   the skin
•  keep fingers away from sharp   edges of cutting tools
•  do not use excessive force
•  do not use blunt tools
•  never use a machine unless you   have been shown how to use it by   your teacher
•  put on the appropriate safety gear
•  clamp the workpiece firmly when   drilling
•  always remove the chuck key   before switching on a drilling   machine
•  if the machine has safety guards,   use them
•  the on-off switch should only   be   operated by the person using the   machine
•  never distract a person who is   using the machine
•  keep your work area clean and tidy
•  return all tools to their proper place   after use
•  report damaged or broken tools to   your teacher
•  use brush to clean the waste after drill
•  do not blow the waste when drilling it might enter into your eye
•  remember to use safety goggle



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